Patient Monitors
IntelliVue MP5

A compact, flexible monitor. When clarity matters.




A clear connection to your patients
The IntelliVue family of networked patient monitors gives care teams throughout the hospital more information to assess patients and make confident decisions. All share a clear, intuitive user interface, innovative clinical decision support tools, and outstanding industrial design. The IntelliVue portfolio of patient monitors spans care environments and patient acuity levels.

The IntelliVue MP5 patient monitor delivers IntelliVue monitoring power and functionality in a small, sturdy housing to match the demands of a wide range of care environments both in and out of hospital.


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Touchscreen for ease of use


MP5 is built on the world-class IntelliVue platform with its intuitive graphical user interface and renowned ease of use. It comes configured with commonly required industry-leading measurements and touchscreen operation. Many functions are accessible through one-step smart touch commands so that you can focus on your patients instead of the monitor.

Wired and wireless networking for continuous connection
IntelliVue MP5 connects to the IntelliVue Clinical Network, which can span the hospital enterprise – wired or wireless. You can manage your patients’ care with the assurance that data collection won’t be disrupted, no matter where patients are located on the network.

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Features and benefits

  • Commonly required measurements, built in
    • ECG, SpO2, and NBP (standard)
    • Up to two invasive pressures and temperatures and mainstream or sidestream CO2(all optional)
    • Anesthesia monitoring with the IntelliVue G1 and G5* anesthetic gas modules
    • Optional port for Welch Allyn SureTemp+
  • 21.3 cm (8.4?) color SVGA display with up to 4 waveforms is bright and easy to read.
  • Touchscreen operation designed for easy information input and intuitive onscreen navigation with one-touch commands.
  • Wired and wireless connectivity with easy switching between modes.
  • Telemetry as a Parameter (TAAP) displays telemetry parameters through a direct connection to the telemetry transceiver.
  • Video out allows use of larger external display.
  • Optional integrated recorder with 5cm (2?) strip offers convenient documentation where needed.
  • No user setup required for typical use. A range of screen configurations are included.
  • Sturdy housing (Class 7M3) to withstand rough handling..
  • Lightweight at approximately 4 kg (8.8 lbs.) including battery.
  • Comfortable handle and bedrail mount for transport.
  • Up to four hours battery operation with one lithium ion battery.**

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Wireless and wired connectivity to the IntelliVue Clinical Network


The MP5 can transmit patient data to the IntelliVue Information Center over any of our current wired and wireless networks.

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Product specifications

WaveformsUp to 4 waves
Monitor screen display One integrated 21.3cm (8.4?) color SVGA
Screen navigation Touchscreen
Standard integrated measurements ECG, SpO2, NIBP
Optional integrated measurements Up to two IBP and temperatures, mainstream and sidestream CO2 (Respironics), Welch Allyn SureTemp+, Telemetry as a Parameter (TAAP)
Battery operation One lithium ion battery
Networking capability Optional LAN, WLAN (Smart-hopping or 802.11 Infrastructure), video out
Patient population Adult, pediatric, and neonates

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IntelliVue MP5

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