HeartStart FR2+ Defibrillator
The HeartStart FR2+ Defibrillator can be used by either BLS- or ACLS-trained members of in-hospital early defibrillation programs. AEDs are the perfect solution for non-critical wards of your hospital as well as other places where patients, visitors and staff frequent, such as cafeterias, waiting rooms and parking garages.


HeartStart FRx Defibrillator
The Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is designed to be easy to use, rugged and reliable for those who get there first. On the scene with law enforcement, on the field with student athletes or on the job with employees, the FRx Defibrillator is the solution for treating SCA from ventricular fibrillation in environments and conditions too demanding for many other defibrillators.

mrxHeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator
HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator unites Philips' industry-leading monitoring technologies with superior diagnostic measurements and our patented SMART Biphasic resuscitation waveform in a single, thoughtfully designed, lightweight device. The HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator provides several best-in-class advantages important to both EMS and hospital care providers - the longest battery-powered operating time, the largest color display, and fastest time to shock of any monitor/defibrillator.

HeartStart XL Defibrillator/Monitor
The HeartStart XL Defibrillator/Monitor features our patented low-energy SMART Biphasic waveform, clinically proven superior to high-energy, monophasic waveforms for efficacy and for minimizing post-defibrillation heart dysfunction. In addition to defibrillation, HeartStart XL Defibrillator/Monitor is equipped for non-invasive pacing, SpO2 and ECG monitoring, and synchronized cardioversion.