The owner focused on the key strengths of our company: Only business with a clear entrepreneurial strategy could expect to survive in the fast changing 21st century.

Xovic took the challenge to combine the strengths in their respective regional business activities.

Having achieved a strong position for healthcare business in Thailand, Xovic decided to diversify our portfolios by building up a presence in Thailand. Over years, Xovic has built up a comprehensive portfolio of outstanding brands that all rate in the top tier of their respective healthcare business.

Xovic is the top ten Healthcare Distrbutor in Thailand, providing service to hospitals , doctors , clinic throughout Thailand with almost 20 years of experience in this complex and changing market. Xovic distributes not just the medical equipment, but also medical instrument and supplies.

Xovic has been in Thailand since 1986, and Healthcare has always been an important part of its business as a distributor. This long history means that we understand the market and those we can assist and advise in dealing with government departments, FDA, hospital who are involved in the healthcare industry.

Xovic is able to offer a wide range of services, tailor to the need of suppliers, rather than a standard system. These service include warehousing, distribution, collection, marketing

Importation, regulartory services, legal advice and Human Resource Management.

Xovic is lead by Mr.Soonthorn Srisattana who was an Ex- Deputy Governor of Nonthaburi province nearby Bangkok area and he also works with the High Management level of the government and the Political. And for Mrs. Chirawat is a pharmarcist has been worked with much pharmaceutical company for 20 years so she knows the market and many key Authorized Doctors in the Market very well.


Therfore they bring that wealth of experience into the partnership between Xovic and its Principals. They are supported by the team of managers who also have cosiderable length of service with Xovic, the majority of whom is Engineer, Med.Tech. and Business Administration.

  1. Represent only the good quality and reliable products at the reasonable price.
  2. Responsibility and loyalty to the customers.
  3. Good qualified and professional human resources to satisfy the customers.
  4. Collaborate with both the government & private university hospital to develop the best Cardiac Heart Center in order to serve the good healthcare provision in Thailand.

Xovic has been selected to be the first FULL FUNCTION DISTRIBUTOR in South East Asia for Hewlett Packard and Philips Medical System since 1986 until now. Philips is a formerly Agilent Technologies and Hewlett Packard; on 2001 Philips Medical System acquired Agilent Technologies and Hewlett Packard to be the partner so as to provide the completed Cardiac Healthcare Solution to the customers.

The full function distrbutor means the Distributorship Agreement will renew every 3 years, normally the contract will be signed yearly.

The criterias for Full Function Distributors:

  • Reliabilty and Good Financial status.
  • Demo.unit and spare part inventory for service.
  • Team work and providing the completed sales and service cycle.
  • Rapidly business growth to 50% market share over a year.

And the other prestige was the Achievement of quota for Puritan Bennett every year since we were the Exclusive Distributor until now in this region.


Currently the Cardio Vascular Thorasic market, Xovic can access > 85% market shares in Thailand for monitoring system. Our main strong areas are ICU, OR , ER that we have the installation base more than 200 ICUs and OR so in the future business plan we need the good partners to diversify our products portfolio to satisfy the comprehensive business transaction. And the main reasons that we can access high market shares are the following items below:

  • Philips Medical System/ a formerly Agilent Technologies and Hewlett Packard has a good quality product and well accepted from the university hospital and Heart Center from everywhere in the world.
  • Long term partnership with Good quality and reliable suppliers.
  • Good track record from many university hospitals in Thailand about product

Quality and after sales service.

3. Xovic can provide the completed sales and service cycle.

4. Strong team work and good after sales service.

5. Sales and services coverage in BKK and Up-country.

6. Many good references sites both in Public and Private Hospitals.

7. Sincere to the customers and partners.

  • Many key famous GURU reference.
  • More stability and good financial status.

    • ° Xovic has engineer cover all regions of Thailand geographically. For excellent service and fast response. Xovic assigned two field engineers in the North-Eastern region, one in the North, one in the Central, and one in the Southern Thailand.
    • ° Xovic is one of the largest Spare-part inventories in the South-East Asia.
    • ° Xovic Engineer can repair the Ultrasound System from the most obsolescence product that still a workhorse in Thailand such as Sonos 1000 to the most advance product Sonos 7500 with 3D. Except the iE 33 and iU Series.
    • ° Xovic has been working side by side with Philips Medical Thailand for years and now we still support each other in the regular basis.
    • ° Xovic just recruited new batch of engineer for Preventive and Maintenance Department.
    • ° Xovic has been in the Cardio-Vascular for more than 18 years. We know market in and out. Most of the key doctors in both Government as well as the private section.


Business growth opportunities in Thailand. The market is expanding due to

  • ° Excellence Center. The policy of the government is trying to decentralize by establishing Excellence Center in each region through out Thailand. There are 3 types of Center - 1 Heart Center - 2 Trauma Center - 3 Cancer Center. There should be more business in Echocardiogram.
  • ° 30 Baht Project. The Universal Health Care is subsidized by 30 Bath Project. This year M.O.P.H. (Ministry of Public Health) grants budget 98,000 Million Baht. for this fiscal year.
  • ° Private Sector is expanding in the great extent. The leading in Private Sector such as Bangkok General Hospital and Bumrungrat invest in new equipment, in turn, the other private hospitals have to keep up with them.
  • ° Due to Natural Disaster such as Tsunami and Avian Flu, Government has granted the emergency fund.

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