Multi-Measurement Server

The Multi-Measurement Server provides real-time waveforms and numeric values for the “standard of care” measurements most often used in hospitals – ECG, respiration, SpO2, non-invasive blood pressure, and invasive pressure or temperature.


The Multi-Measurement Server is a lightweight, compact, plug-and-play unit that travels easily with patients

throughout their hospital stay. For transport, it can be connected to a portable monitor or disconnected.

At the bedside, it can be connected to any IntelliVue patient monitor without switching cables, rezeroing the unit,

or adjusting settings.

The Multi-Measurement Server stores patient demographics and up to eight hours of patient trend data,

as well as calibration and measurement settings.

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Advanced algorithms built in

Multi-Measurement Server

The Multi-Measurement Server features advanced technologies, including motion-tolerant FAST-SpO2, EASI* derived 12-lead ECG, and optional conventional Philips 12-lead ECG.

* EASI derived 12-lead ECGs and their measurements are approximations to conventional 12-lead ECGs and should not be used for diagnostic interpretations.

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Multi-Measurement Server Compatibility





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Accessories and extensions


The Multi-Measurement Server can be accessorized to suit adult, pediatric, and neonatal intensive care; anesthesia care; and cardiology care requirements with appropriate cable lengths, blood pressure cuff sizes, and SpO2 sensors.
Get even more measurements in one compact package with the
Multi-Measurement Server Extensions:

  • • Microsteam® CO2 Extension provides one port for CO2 measurement using Microstream technology from Oridion Medical Systems, Ltd. A second port can be used for invasive pressure or temperature.
  • • Hemodynamic Extension provides ports for cardiac output (using right heart thermodilution), temperature, and invasive pressure. A fourth port can be used for temperature or invasive pressure.

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Further resources

SpO2 Sensor Choices

Ordering Information
Multi-Measurement Server Product No. M3001A
Microstream CO2 Extension Product No. M3015A

Microstream is a registered trademark of Oridion Medical, Ltd.

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