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 M3 and M4
Portable, wireless, networked monitors













Portable, wireless, networked monitors

Designed for flexible continuous monitoring, the M3 and M4 monitors offer wireless capability for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient care. M Series monitors are equipped with a Multi-Measurement Server that includes a basic set of non-invasive parameters and input for invasive pressure or temperature. Optional Multi-Measurement Server extensions offer Microstream® CO2.

Whether at the bedside or in transport, M3 and M4 monitors provide seamless connectivity to the patient monitoring network and facilitate information management with central monitoring, bed-to-bed overview, and integration with clinical information systems. Universal admitting, discharge, and transfer at the bedside or central station allows for smooth transitions when admitting, discharging, or transferring patients.

In transit, the monitor uses battery support and a built-in antenna and transceiver to provide continuous monitoring. The small, lightweight Multi-Measurement Server enables quick and convenient transfer of vital signs and trended data to another M3, M4, or IntelliVue patient monitor.

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Big performance in a small, portable, wireless, networked monitor


M3 and M4 features:

  • • High-resolution, active color LCD display
  • • TouchBar navigation
  • • Built-in antenna and transceiver
  • • Bed-to-bed overview
  • • External recorder
  • • Sturdy handle and durable housing
  • • Multiple mounting options
  • • Grey, aqua, yellow, or blue bezel protector

M3 and M4 series monitors are designed to match the pace of low-acuity and intermediate care environments, including:

  • • Adult, pediatric and neonatal mid-level intensive care units
  • • Ambulatory surgery
  • • Post-operative care
  • • Special procedures
  • • Emergency, patient transport, or accident scene

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The Multi-Measurement Server: All-in-one convenience


The Multi-Measurement Server includes a collection of the most consistently required parameters in a single unit, which saves valuable space.

  • • Lightweight and compact
  • • Stores up to 8 hours of data
  • • For patient transport, the Multi-Measurement Server detaches and inserts into any other Philips IntelliVue patient monitor or M3 and M4 transport monitor
  • • Upon return to the patient’s bed, reconnects to IntelliVue and uploads stored transport data without recabling or reconfiguring
  • • Can remain with a patient throughout the hospital stay

Multi-Measurement Server Extensions: More parameters in one place

  • Standard Multi-Measurement Server includes FAST-SpO2, ECG and arrhythmia, non-invasive blood pressure, and invasive blood pressure or temperature.

  • Microstream® CO2 Extension also includes an additional invasive blood pressure or temperature.

  • Mainstream CO2 Extension also includes an additional invasive blood pressure or temperature.

  • Hemodynamic Extension includes cardiac output, invasive blood pressure, and temperature; and an additional invasive blood pressure or temperature.

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M3 and M4 Sample Screens


Numerical Trend display of integrated cardiovascular and respiratory information for anesthesia patients.


Significant changes in patient condition, such as an arrhythmic event in a window on the screen for review and documentation can be stored and displayed.


Annotate ECG waveforms.

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Ordering Information
M3 and M4 Product No. M3046A
Multi-Measurement Server Product No. M3001A
Hemodynamic Extension Product No. M3012A
Microstream CO2 Extension Product No. M3015A
Mainstream CO2 Extension Product No. M3016A

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