Patient Monitors
 IntelliVue MP40 and MP50
Portable, networked monitors with portal technology for flexible care

Portable networked patient monitors with portal technology for flexible care


The IntelliVue family of networked patient monitors gives care teams throughout the hospital more of the information they need right at the patient’s side. All share a common user interface and outstanding industrial design. Philips innovative portal technology is available on the portable MP40 and MP50, the versatile MP60, MP70, and MP80* for intermediate and critical care, and the MP90 for the highest acuity patients. The IntelliVue series also includes the compact, networked MP20 and MP30 for flexible care and patient transfer. Multi-Measurement Servers enable data continuity between monitors throughout the patient’s stay.

* Not available in the US.

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Portable patient monitoring and clinical analysis - connected


IntelliVue MP40 and MP50 patient monitors combine portability and measurement flexibility to match the pace and unique needs of intermediate care environments – at the patient’s side.

Built on Philips strong heritage in patient monitoring, IntelliVue has highly flexible screen configurations; an extensive clinical measurements menu; built-in clinical support tools such as Event Surveillance, conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, and arrhythmia analysis; and many other powerful features.

IntelliVue is easy to use and operates on a networked platform that can span the hospital enterprise. It can be configured to suit patient acuity, department protocols, or specific procedure requirements.

In line with Philips commitment to providing customer choice, IntelliVue is compatible with a range of SpO2 technologies and sensors from Philips, Masimo,® and Nellcor.®

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High-performance monitoring for flexible care settings

  • 30.5cm (12") color SVGA monitor display with 4 or 6 waveforms is bright and easy to read.
  • Comfortable handle and rugged housing for easy portability.
  • 5-hour battery life ** means the MP50 is convenient to use for in-hospital transfer.
  • IntelliVue comes with 10 preset screen configurations.
  • Customized viewing options let you view and analyze data in graphical or numerical formats, juxtapose real-time measurements and trended data, and organize every onscreen element – from waveforms to data labels – as desired.
  • Touchscreen operation makes many functions directly accessible through simple commands. (Touchscreen is available on MP50 only.)
  • Access information from a variety of systems on the hospital network – pharmacy, laboratory, ECG management systems, radiology PACS, host based hospital systems and others – and deliver it to the patient monitor through IntelliVue’s portal technology.
  • No separate hard drive and no fan. IntelliVue is space-saving, quiet, stable, and starts quickly.
  • Navigation Point operation designed for easy information input and onscreen navigation.

** 5-hour battery time based on these conditions: basic monitoring, 2 new batteries, automatic brightness reduction, Multi-Measurement Server in use, NIBP measurements every 15 minutes. 4-hour battery time based on these conditions: extended monitoring, 2 new batteries, automatic brightness reduction, Multi-Measurement Server and Server Extension in use, NIBP measurements every 15 minutes, and recording every 15 minutes.

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Multi-Measurement Server and Extensions


Philips is committed to providing best-in-class standard measurements as well as innovative measurements to support clinicians’ decisions at the patient’s side. Our goal is to provide crucial measurement information in the forms that will best serve clinical needs by:

  • Maintaining and advancing the performance of existing, widely used standard-of-care measurements
  • Investing heavily in research, development, and clinical validation of new, innovative parameters and algorithms
  • Working with strategic partners to integrate nextgeneration measurements and technology
  • Providing interfaces to more than 100 third-party specialty measurement devices – mechanical ventilators, gas analyzers, anesthesia machines – through the Philips VueLink module

The Multi-Measurement Server includes a collection of the most consistently required parameters in a single unit, which saves valuable space.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Stores up to 8 hours of data
  • For patient transport and transfer, the Multi-Measurement Server detaches and inserts into any other Philips IntelliVue monitor or Philips M3 and M4 transport monitors
  • Upon return to the patient’s bed, reconnects to IntelliVue and uploads stored transfer data without recabling or reconfiguring
  • Can remain with a patient throughout the hospital stay

Standard Multi-Measurement Server includes SpO2, ECG and arrhythmia, non-invasive blood pressure, and an optional invasive blood pressure/temperature port.

Microstream CO2 Extension also includes an optional invasive blood pressure/temperature port.

Capnography Extension with a choice of mainstream or sidestream+ CO2 measurement is available in a variety of configurations and can include additional pressures, temperature, cardiac output, or continuous cardiac output.++

Hemodynamic Extension includes cardiac output, invasive blood pressure, and temperature. An additional invasive blood pressure/temperature port is optional.

+ 510K pending

++ Note: Continuous cardiac output not available in the US.

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Seamless information flow within the clinical network


Offering unprecedented information access and decision support, Philips innovative clinical network includes portal technology, which allows care teams to view realtime physiologic data on the same screen with clinical review applications, digital radiology images, archived data, lab results, medication guidelines, and hospital protocols, for example.

Information flows and converges where it’s needed most, contributing to quicker therapeutic turnaround times, a more comprehensive set of information upon which to base clinical decisions, and efficient information sharing among multidisciplinary teams.

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Product specifications
 IntelliVue MP40IntelliVue MP50
Portal technologyCompatibleCompatible
Waveforms4 (Six optional)4 (Six optional)
Monitor screen
  • One integrated 30.5 cm (12") color SVGA
  • One integrated 30.5 cm (12") color SVGA
Screen navigation
  • Navigation Point
  • Touchscreen
  • Navigation Point
Integrated measurement module slots Four (optional)Four (optional)
Networking capabilityLAN-readyStandard























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