Each patient is unique and requires a customized amount of anesthetic and sedative medication to ensure that they are unconscious and free of pain.
Philips patient monitoring and cardiac technologies, along with our full range of supplies, help medical teams deliver high quality care in a variety of clinical environments.
As temperature management specialists, Smiths Medical is committed to delivering innovative products and tools needed to support all temperature management needs while enhancing patient care.
Philips is the global leader in innovative defibrillation technology We offer the most complete and trusted defibrillator solution to help caregivers treat sudden cardiac arrest quickly and effectively wherever it occurs.
From the emergency department to critical care Philips has the solutions expertise and services infrastructure to support clinicians in making better diagnostic decisions and improving data management.
Puritan Bennett offers a range of ventilators – from portable models suitable for home care to state-of-the-art critical care ventilation systems. With a proven record for performance and reliability.
The Prima SP2 with integrated AV-S Ventilator and A200SP Absorber provides the user with an easy to use, advanced anaesthesia system.
Pulse Oximeter Monitor. It provides reliable mainstream measurement and display of end tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) and respiratory rate.
Xovic info

The owner focused on the key strengths of our company: Only business with a clear entrepreneurial strategy could expect to survive in the fast changing 21st century.

Xovic took the challenge to combine the strengths in their respective regional business activities.

Having achieved a strong position for healthcare business in Thailand, Xovic decided to diversify our portfolios by building up a presence in Thailand. Over years, Xovic has built up a comprehensive portfolio of outstanding brands that all rate in the top tier of their respective healthcare business.

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